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Hotel de Crillon
Best Luxury Hotels in Paris / May 28, 2018

Hotel de Crillon Paris

One of the best hotels.

In the world.

Hotel de Crillon!

Just in case you are not aware of it: The Crillon is one of the best hotels in the world.
Prince Mitab Ben Abdalah ben Abd al-Aziz Al Saoud, a member of the Saudi-Arabian royal family, bought the hotel in 2010.
After a rather spectacular renovation that took 4 years and cost an incredible 300 million USD, the 1758 build palace-hotel proudly reopened in 2017.
Just as proud: Karl Lagerfeld, who designed two of the signature suites of the house, the so-called Grands Appartements.

The master and his work: Karl Lagerfeld visibly proud of his work. He designed two of the hotel’s signature suites, the so-called Grands Appartements.


10 Place de la Concorde, 75008 Paris, France

Right on Place de la Concorde, one of the most impressive and most famous squares in Paris, the Crillon is located in a real luxury-hotel-neighbourhood. A stone throw away from the Mandarin Oriental, the Meurice, the Bristol and the Ritz. And in the middle of everything really: The famous Buddha Bar is right around the corner in the same building, the Hotel Costes is less than 500 meters away, right next to the Mandarin Oriental. And for the fashion lovers, Prada, Chanel, Gucci – are all within a 60 seconds walk from the main door.

Rooms and Suites


It’s hard to find a room under 1.000 Euros in the Crillon in the high season.
And we’re speaking of the starting category: The 32 square meter (340 sq.ft.) Deluxe rooms facing the pretty courtyards. The Premier rooms are bigger (35 square meters / 365 sq.ft.) and a little more fancy, especially the marble bathrooms. And you can chose if you want to be on the courtyard or the street side. If you want a little more space, take the Grand Deluxe room, the price difference to the first category is still not dramatic: The 45 m2 / 462 sq. ft. feel like a suite really, spacious and luxurious. They modestly call it a room, but the Grand Deluxe clearly qualifies as a suite.

TIP: Take the grand Premier room facing the Rue Boissy d’Anglas in the highest floor available. That is the most Crillon experience for the least possible money.


You’ve got the same three categories for the suites: Deluxe, Premier and Grand Premier (51, 57 and 72 sqm). While Deluxe and Premier feel like nice and tasteful suites, the Grand Premier Suite feels like real Parisian luxury. This is the first room category in the Crillon offering the glamour factor.

Grand Premier Suite: Look at the details (PIC: Grand Premier Suite, Detail)

It’s all about the little details: The classical wallpaper, the carpets, the precious fabrics and curtains and cords.

Signature Suites

Since the Crillon is a really extraordinary hotel and they are offering the fanciest individual suites, we’ll dedicate a little more time to the suites here. These are the ones you should look at:

Suite Duc de Crillon

It’s about the same size as the Grand Premier Suite (and that’s good, because sometimes suites can get unattractive due to the fact that they are too large), and facing the same street Rue Boissy D’Anglas, but what a difference. This is one of the most spectacular historic suites I have seen.

Le salon: The living room of the Duc de Crillon suite makes you feel like in an ancient palace.

The suite is a bit of a contrast indeed: The living room (see picture above) is a classical beauty, some of it’s hand-crafted woodwork supposedly comes from the ancient chapel of the Crillon palace. The sleeping area however is modern.

Modern bedroom between a modern bathroom and a classical living room: The Duc de Crillon Suite is full of contrasts.

So is the bathroom: Modern elegance in marble and brass. Cozy warm floors (floor heating) and a hidden TV in the bathroom mirror. Behind the bathroom you see the bedroom, and in the very back is the impressive salon.

Bathroom of the Duc de Crillon Suite with bedroom and living room in the background.

Ateliers des Artistes

Those 3 suites (in different sizes and price categories, between 58 and 110 m2) are modern, tasteful, yet somewhat unspectacular. The perfectly matched tone-on-tone fabrics and furniture look a bit like one of those staged showrooms in an upscale furniture store.

Ateliers des Artistes: Perfectly matched tone-on-tone fabrics and furniture

And the bathroom is certainly not everybody’s piece of cake, modern grayscale stripes. But it’s a looker at least.

Modern Ateliers D’Artistes bathroom in grey and white stripe design – top or flop?

Suite Marie-Antoinette

The suite is huge, 183 sqm, and has two incredible assets: The terrace facing the Place de la Concorde with a spectacular view over Paris, and the marble fairytale bathroom. Oh that bathroom…
So light and creamy and tasteful, clearly designed for princess-only use.

Clearly designed for princess-only use: The fancy marble bathrooms of the Marie-Antoinette suite.

The rest of the suite is a modern interpretation of French historism, with historic interior design elements in contemporary shapes.

Clean and understated, the furniture in the Marie-Antoinette suite references to historic designs of its French tradition.

The Bernstein Suite

Now we’re talking luxury, and this is for billionaires only: The Bernstein Suite, an homage to American composer Lenard Bernstein (West Side Story), a regular guest in the hotel.
This is one of the top glam suites on the planet.
238 square meters. A 112 square meter private terrace.
Here it is, one of the city’s fanciest hotel terraces:

View over Place de la Concorde, the Grand Palais and the Tour Eiffel: The Bernstein Suite terrace

It has a view to both sides: Over the Place de la Concorde, facing the Eiffel tower, and on the other side, giving you a full overwiev over the rest of the world’s most beautiful city.

The Bernstein Suite: This is your private terrace, and would also serve as a super-posh party location.

Inside, the suite is tasteful, arty, full of design and colors and a taupe-tone background.
A daring furniture mix, expensive materials, beautifully balanced to create one of the world’s classiest luxury hotels suites.

The Bernstein Suite living room: tasteful, arty, and full of design.

The 2 Grands Appartements

They are two, or one if you open the connecting door: Then the two add up to 335 m2.
Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, “conveying his personal vision of French chic and modernity”, as the hotel proudly states.
And they’re proud for a reason. The living room is simply inspiring. Literature lover Lagerfeld, who has his own bookstore in the Rue de Lille 7 and a remarkable library in his private apartment, made sure there’s enough to read in the Grand Appartement. The library right next to the sofa lounge supposedly contains some of his personal favorites in literature. And he is responsible for the timeless, fascinating design of the whole suite.

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld: The impressive Grands Appartements are incredibly gorgeous

The bathroom is a masterpiece of modern interior design.

The marble bathroom of the Grands Appartements designed by Karl Lagerfeld – a black beauty

Restaurants and Bars


The fancy L’Ecrin holds one Michelin star, chef Christopher Hache is back in Paris after a 4 year break, which he supposedly used to collect culinary inspiration in Asia.
The L’Ecrin is a crème-in-crème beauty, with signature dishes such as the Brittany Langoustines or his foie gras interpretations he may be a candidate for the second star.

The restaurant is small, couldn’t fit much more than 25 people I would say. The restaurant is rather quiet, the atmosphere cozy and intimate, no distractions from a really breathtaking cuisine, that comparing to many is even underrated with 1 Michelin star.

The fancy L’Ecrin restaurant in creamy colours is rather quiet, the atmosphere cozy and intimate.

Brasserie D’Aumont

A little less elegant and quiet, but soooo stylish: The see-and-be-seen Brasserie D’Aumont.
Chef Justin Schmitt gives you a quick journey through French cuisine, no frills, no experiments, just beautiful traditional French cuisine – at it’s very best.
The Brasserie is a real adventure playground for lovers of French food.
There is a Crudo bar, a cool tradition in French brasseries: It’s a small seafood bar with the finest the oceans have to offer. Prepared the very traditional way, by the chef himself, in his own Brasserie D’Aumont ceramics.
From the brasserie you overlook the Adjacent courtyard, the pretty white and light Cour d’Honneur (the “court of honour”). On warm evenings, just sit outside (at lunchtime it can get a little hot in summer) – sitting out is a tradition on French brasseries and bistros anyway.
Try the roasted scallopps with chestnut (!) gnocchi or the traditional Pâté en Croute (a crusted pie with meat and vegetables inside, a very traditional hors d´oeuvre in Paris) for a starter.

The Brasserie D’Aumont: A little less elegant and quiet, but soooo stylish

It is surprisingly delicious, and it looks like from a fairytale bakery with it’s dough decoration and the Paris skyline on the side.

The Pâté en Croute is an old Parisian tradition: A crusted pie with meat and vegetables inside

Oh, you think you can’t possibly leave Paris without tasting snails (escargots) and frog legs (cuisses de grenouilles)? If you’re daring enough to try them, try them here. When it comes to standards of the French cuisine, Brasserie D’Aumont is one of the top spots in Paris.

The Jardin D’Hiver

The Jardin D’Hiver (winter garden) is an incredibly cozy place, the perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous or a glass of champagne before starting out to dinner. It is in the entry area of the hotel, yet still a bit secluded, and looking like a postcard of the ultimate French aristocratic salon.

Looks like a postcard: The Jardin D’Hiver (winter garden) right next to the light courtyard: you can enjoy an opulent breakfast here, a glass of champagne or just a coffee or a tea – what a tea menu!

The L’Ambassadeur Bar

L’Ambassadeur, the hotel’s former restaurant, is now the dim-lighted cozy cocktail and champagne bar full of opulent baroque design, marble and a large ceiling fresco. And it has become a bit of an insider meeting-spot for bubbly wine lovers: With over 100 champagnes on the menu the selection is hard to top.

The L’Ambassadeur bar: Marble, Baroque, luxury. And no less than 100 champagnes on the menu.

The Court D’Honneur

What a beautiful little courtyard, hidden in this elegant hotel right in the very center of Paris.
In the tradition of the great palace hotels, the Georges V, the Plaza Athenee and the Bristol Paris, also the Crillon competes for the most elegant calm oasis in Paris (see also: “Hiddem gems: The most elegant courtyards in Paris”). The Crillon’s court d’honneur is light and white, like an ancient princesses garden.

The Crillon’s Courtyard “Court d’Honneur” is light and white, like an ancient princesses’ garden.

Sport and Spa

Whilst the gym isn’t particularly large or impressive (yet elegant), the pool area is breathtaking.
This is definitely one of the most beautiful indoor pools in Paris (see also: “Luxury Spas – the most elegant indoor pools in Paris”). With 14 meters in length, the pool is a reasonable “swimming pool”, the glass in the ceiling lets daylight in. That’s Majestic design really, one of the finest places in Paris to spend a lazy afternoon.

One of the most elegant pool areas in Paris: 14-meters pool, day-lit pool lounge, beautiful design. The perfect spot for a quiet and relaxing afternoon.