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Ritz Paris
Best Luxury Hotels in Paris / May 28, 2018

The Ritz Paris

The Ritz Paris. A Legend.

The legend, the original. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the Ritz is currently only our number 3 in Paris: Since 1898, the Ritz is solid as a rock in the history of luxury hotels in Paris. In the long term, say over the past 100 years, the Ritz is clearly the number 1 hotel in Pairs. Maybe even in the world if you ask me.

The Ritz opened its doors in 1898. Cesar Ritz and legendary French chef Auguste Escoffier made the hotel a symbol for luxury and elegance around the world.

So many famous guests stayed here – the guest list of the Ritz illustrates European political and cultural history in the late 19th and 20th century. Rudolph Valentino, Marcel Proust and Ernest Hemingway were regular guests, of course Coco Chanel who spent half her life in this hotel, and on August 31st, 1997 Lady Diana, princess of Wales, famously spent the last hours of her life here. She had dined in the hotel’s Imperial Suite, shortly before she died in a car accident in the Alma tunnel, just a few minutes drive from the Ritz.

Rooms and Suites

The Rooms

The standard rooms (35m2) and the executive rooms (40m2) are the first categories of the Ritz Paris. The standard starts at 1000 Euros a night, the executive 1100 Euros a night. Prices can get higher according to season, and lower if they have any special discounts.

The executive room: 40 sqm, quiet and light, facing the beautiful courtyard garden.

The Suites

The Ritz has suites of breathtaking classic elegance and beauty.
My favorites are the Suite Impériale, the Suite Coco Chanel and the Suite Marcel Proust.

The Suite Impériale

The Suite Impériale is what the Ritz stands for, it looks like the bedroom of a French or Habsburg empress.

The Chanel Suite

There have always been famous and rich persons who lived in hotels for part of their lives ,and Coco Chanel was one of them. Coco lived in the Ritz for more than 30 years, until she died in 1971. She decorated her Suite herself, the outcome was an unusual mix of clean modern interior with some Asian sparks, the Coco-typical combination of black and white. Experience her world in the Ritz, however the nightly rate starts at 18.000 Euros.

The Proust Suite

For 3000 Euros a night, the Proust Suite is a real steal in the Ritz world. Marcel Proust also lived in the Ritz for longer periods, and supposedly wrote his “In Search of Lost Time” (French: À la recherche du temps perdu) in his suite.
Dark oak wood panels, libraries with real books (not the usual fake deco libraries), precious and timeless accessories, lamps and souvenirs.
The anti-style to the Chanel Suite, the Proust Suite is a real time-travel experience.

Bars and Restaurants


Chef Michel Roth, the ninth head chef of the hotel, earned the main restaurant a second Michelin star. However, only at dinner time the restaurant holds 2 stars, at lunchtime they have one.

Ritz Bar

The Ritz Bar is rather a Bistro then a bar, with a simple and somewhat reasonably priced small menu as an alternative to the culinary heaven L’Espadon. The Ritz claims that the term “ritzy” (which according to American dictionaries stands for “luxurious, fashionable, elegant”) was first used to describe the social life in this bar.

Bar Vendôme

The Bar Vendome is where the famous afternoon tea takes place, the meeting point of the elegant Parisian society on lazy afternoons (see below: Afternoon tea).

The Bar Vendome: A winter garden of luxury.

Bar Hemingway

Bar Hemingway was the favourite bar of Ernest Hemingway in Pairs and is arguing with Harry’s Bar in New York over who actually invented the Bloody Mary cocktail.
In Paris’ golden times, they would all hang out here: Cole Porter, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gary Cooper and of course Ernest Hemingway.

If “Hemingway” can describe an interior design style, this is exactly it: The Hemingway Bar in the Ritz Paris


You’re looking for the best view over Paris? Then make sure you book the Suite Opera with the ultimate panoramic view of the French capital.


The afternoon tea

The afternoon tea is a real bliss, and they are famous for it:
For 88 Euros per person you get the “Royal tea à la francaise”. The Ritz tea menu is impressive, and the tea comes with Champagne at the side. Actually, the afternoon tea is not a tea, it is an old aristocratic tradition where families would invite for afternoon tea and show off to their friends serving the finest sweets and pastries with the tea, and of course a glass of Champagne to welcome the guests. The tea itself wasn’t that important really.

Tea, Champagne, and biscuits. The afternoon tea is taken in the Bar Vendome, or you could also take it in the Salon Marcel Proust.

Spa and Fitness

The Spa is among the most beautiful in Paris, the pool area is pure relaxation in the bustling city.
From 6:30am to 10pm you can swim, relax, or enjoy one of the pricey treatments or massages.